Childcare Centre (CPE) Le Petit Lutin

A user-friendly management software

Stephanie Dugas Crousset, accounting clerk at Le Petit Lutin daycare center in Sept-Îles, has been using ACCEO Childcare Services software since 2009. Unlike other management software she has worked with in the past, Ms. Dugas finds ACCEO SDG to be comprehensive and particularly appreciates that it is an integrated management software.

«ACCEO SDG is simple and easy to use. It brings together all the essential features for managing a childcare service, and it's wonderful.»

As a software user, Ms. Dugas values ACCEO SDG especially for preparing annual reports. The ability to export files and send them by email is a real added value for her. The main strength of the software is its ease of use, she says. Nevertheless, she recommends undergoing training as it allows you to understand all aspects of the software, maximize its use, and simplify the management of the center.

«I can't imagine managing a childcare service without ACCEO SDG. I would recommend it to everyone without any hesitation!»



Childcare Centre (CPE) La Gatinerie

A user-friendly management software Ms. Hagarty has been using ACCEO Childcare Services software since 2001 to manage the early childhood center and the coordinating office La Gatinerie. The coordinating office is responsible for managing 895 children’s files. Given the workload…...

Daycare Cœur d’Enfant

A simple and fast management software To equip herself effectively for managing Daycare Cœur d’Enfant, Véronique Bourgault purchased the ACCEO Childcare Services management software in 2001, a choice she doesn’t regret. Firstly, Ms. Bourgault states that learning the software happens…...

Childcare Centre (CPE) du Centre-Ville

« The Tiempo Electronic Signatures tool from ACCEO Childcare Services allows us to save valuable time. We are very pleased with its use.» Document management is significantly streamlined. We no longer need to manually compile paper documents and manage unsigned…...
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