Complete file management for children and parents

Using this application, your educational home childcare providers (EHCP) will have access to the complete files for the children in their care, as well as information on their parents. They can quickly and easily enter children’s attendance data from a mobile device or computer.

The Coordinating Office can then import attendance data into the ACCEO Childcare Services software, thus gaining efficiency and avoiding transcription errors.

This application can also be used to manage attendance records and electronic signatures.

All the features you need
in the Tiempo web application

For educational home childcare providers (EHCP) using the Tiempo mobile application

Children’s files

View children’s and parents’ files in Tiempo. No need to manually create these folders as they originate in the ACCEO Childcare Services software. The home childcare provider can add details to the child’s file, such their photo and medical information (illnesses, allergies, dietary restrictions, medication authorization).

Entering attendance

The home childcare provider enters children’s attendance for the day. The special days calendar (APSS, closings, etc.) previously entered in ACCEO Childcare Services will be transferred to Tiempo thus simplifying attendance entry and eliminating errors.

Reporting absences

Parents can report their children’s absences in Tiempo. These absence notifications will then appear in the home childcare provider’s Tiempo account.

Electronic signature of attendance sheets


The parent receives an email notification informing them that a new document is ready for their signature on Tiempo.

Signature refusal

The parent reviews the document and signs to accept it or clicks Refuse if the information is incorrect. In such cases, the home childcare provider receives a notification.

Consulting the document

The document is viewable at any time through the parent’s and the home childcare provider’s accounts. Additionally, the document is available for download in PDF format.

For ACCEO Childcare Services software users

Importing attendance records

The Coordinating Office can import children’s attendance records and electronically signed attendance sheets from Tiempo into ACCEO Childcare Services.


Following import, you can validate the children’s attendance information received.

Range of plans based on the size of your Coordinating Office

Plan 1

1 to 25 EHCP registered on the MFA website

Basic fee
(including training)

Annual fee

Plan 2

26 to 50 EHCP registered on the MFA website

Basic fee
(including training)

Annual fee

Plan 3

51 to 75 EHCP registered on the MFA website

Basic fee
(including training)

Annual fee

Plan 4

76 to 100 EHCP registered on the MFA website

Basic fee
(including training)

Annual fee

Plan 5

101 to 125 EHCP registered on the MFA website

Basic fee
(including training)

Annual fee

Plan 6

126 to 150 EHCP registered on the MFA website

Basic fee
(including training)

Annual fee

Plan 7

151 to 175 EHCP registered on the MFA website

Basic fee
(including training)

Annual fee

Plan 8

176 EHCP and above

All plans include

  • Tiempo access for all your educational home childcare providers

  • Electronic signatures of attendance sheets in Tiempo for parents and educational home childcare providers

  • Bridge used to import children’s attendance and attendance records from Tiempo to ACCEO Childcare Services

  • Anytime access to training videos for parents, educational home childcare providers, and Coordinating Offices

  • Application updates and enhancements

  • Technical support for ACCEO Childcare Services users

  • Guide for Home Childcare Providers—Tiempo Home Childcare

  • Training Video (Home Childcare Providers)—Tiempo Home Childcare

  • Guide for Parents—Tiempo Home Childcare

  • Training Video (Parents)—Tiempo Home Childcare

  • FAQ for Coordinating Offices—Tiempo Home Childcare

  • Training Video (Coordinating Offices)—Tiempo Home Childcare

Order the Tiempo - Home Childcare application now!

Annual fees are based on the size of your Coordinating Office, i.e. the total number of Educational Home Childcare Providers registered on the MFA website.

Once you have placed your order, you will receive an email that includes your invoice, the option activation procedure, and a link to a training video.

Activation fees including training video capsules: $465 *
Annual subscription fees, select your plan:
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