A practical, secure and legal solution

Using the ACCEO Childcare Services software, childcare centres can now send attendance records and service agreements with our Tiempo mobile tool, so parents can sign documents electronically.

Electronic signature is a fast, secure, and legal way to sign documents. The Ministère de la Famille has approved electronic signature as a legal and valid method under section 123 of the Educational Childcare Act (Règlement sur les services de garde éducatifs à l’enfance (RSGEE).
It’s a simple and ecological solution that saves you time.

It will be possible to send to parents:

  • Attendance records

  • Service agreements in the prescribed format of the Ministère de la Famille.

How does it work?

Transmitting documents to parents

Select documents

The childcare centre selects the files of the children whose attendance sheets require signature. Both parents can receive the document, which can then be signed by one of them.

Transfer to Tiempo

The documents are sent to parents on the Tiempo application. As soon as the first document is sent, the parent is notified by email and can proceed with the creation of his Tiempo account.

Automated reminder

It is possible to schedule automated reminders for parents who have documents pending their signature.

Parents’ signature on Tiempo


The parent receives an email or text message to notify them that there is a new document to sign on the Tiempo application.

Signature or reject

The parent checks the information in their child’s attendance sheet and either signs to approve or clicks Reject if the information is incorrect.

Consult a document

Parents can consult the attendance sheet at any time in their Tiempo account.  They can also download the document in PDF format.

Monitoring signed documents

Synchronization with ACCEO Childcare Services

During the synchronization process, signed documents are updated to the ACCEO Childcare Services software.  The childcare centre can check the status of documents: signed, pending, or refused.

Signature authentication

Every signed document produces a unique and individual imprint that serves to authenticate the user’s electronic signature. Information such as name, email address, date, and time of signature is collected.

Document access and backup

Attendance sheets are available in the child’s file.  All document backups are stored on our secure servers for a period of 6 years after the child’s departure.

Our satisfied customers speak out

Daycare Cœur d’Enfant

Eco² allowed me to significantly speed up the process of sending documents in batches. We no longer need to print documents and insert them into envelopes. Everything is done automatically: a few clicks in my software and that’s it.

Read the testimonial

CPE La bottine filante

“The Electronic Signatures tool is truly fabulous. The time saving is substantial for administrative tasks. The ease of use and speed of production and transmission of attendance sheets represent a productivity gain for management. management time for these forms is divided by 10! Also, saving the forms in electronic format is very practical for storage and improves the ecological footprint of the CPE!”


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CPE Les Copains d’Abord de Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville

Since the implementation of the Eco2 option, it is no longer necessary to print our employees’ pay stubs, file them and put them back in envelopes. We therefore save considerable time. Our employees find that receiving documents is simple and secure and, moreover, they can manage their account themselves on the Dokmail.com website.

CPE La Gatinerie

We chose ACCEO Childcare Services for its ease of use and because it met all of our management needs. Customer service is very important to us. This is also what motivated our choice of software.

Lise Hagarty

Read the testimonial

CPE Le Petit Lutin

The ACCEO Childcare services software is simple and easy to use. It brings together all the essential functionalities for managing a daycare service and it’s wonderful. I can no longer imagine managing a daycare service without this software. I would recommend him to anyone without any hesitation!

Stéphanie Dugas Crousset

Read the testimonial

CPE du Centre-Ville

The ACCEO Childcare Services Electronic Signatures tool allows us to save valuable time. At a glance, we can see the status of the signatures of each of the attendance records in the software. It is simple to make corrections to documents and send them back to parents. Another element that we really appreciate is the easy follow-up with parents.


Read the testimonial

Order Electronic Signatures option today.

Pricing per license – Base fee: $395

Prices subject to change without notice

1 installation

per year

2 installations

per year

3 installations

per year

4 installations

per year

5 installations

per year

Items included in all packages

  • Access to the Electronic Signatures feature in your ACCEO Childcare Services software

  • Access for parents to the Tiempo Web application to sign documents electronically

  • Electronic Signatures video tutorial available at any time

  • Updates and enhancements to the feature in the ACCEO Childcare Services software

  • Technical support for ACCEO Childcare Services software users

  • Email and text message notifications sent to parents

  • Document hosting in Canada on the Tiempo application for 6 years following the child’s departure

Order the Tiempo application - Electronic signatures option
now !

Please fil out a order form per license. If you have multiple licenses, you must order the option for each of your licenses by selecting 1 installation.

When you place your order, you will receive an email that includes your invoice, the option activation procedure, and a link to the video tutorial.
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