The Human Resources module is used to enter and process employee and time information, calculate and issue payroll and employer remittances

Streamline your group insurance and salary scale management.

Payroll calculation

  • Available pay cycles: 12, 13, 24, 26, and 52 pay periods

  • Automate and choose the calculation method for paid holidays

  • Manage Desjardins group insurance

  • Calculate payroll by project and by component

  • Modify or delete pays by batch

  • Invoice and track accounts receivable for absent employees who contribute to the pension plan or group insurance

  • Morneau Shepell Pension Plan Management (file generator available as an option)

  • Produce Appendix 4 (Statement of employee remuneration) of the annual financial report

  • Send pay records to employees by email using the Eco2 option

Employee record and time bank management

  • Complete record including the addition of up to 100 customizable fields

  • Add notes and attach files in employee records

  • Use system reminders for follow-ups with employees (evaluation, training, etc.)

  • Display time bank balances, accumulated hours, vacation, and payable hours in employee records

  • Pay vacation time using a bank of hours

  • Manage hours worked, accrued, and payable on a deferred basis

  • Manage ten (10) hour banks, including accrued overtime

Salary scale management

  • Use wizard to configure salary scales by job category

  • Automatic rate change to the default values in the employee record based on the new salary scale assigned

  • Notification when a part-time employee has reached the number of hours required to change salary scale (1,664 hours for example)

Payroll deduction and remittance management

  • Calculate and pay remittances to the government, unions, and pensions

  • Delete or redo a remittance

  • Manage remittances weekly, monthly, or bimonthly

  • Different cycles used for provincial and federal remittances

Income tax statement production

  • Produce annual income tax statements (RL-1 and T4)

  • Production and printing of employment records and creation of a file in XML format for internet transmission to the Government of Canada

  • Send income tax statements to employees using the Eco2 option

Other modules that could interest you

Finances module

The financial management module provides all the essential tools for the accounting management of your childcare service, from the management of banking operations and supplier accounts to the production of reports and financial statements.

Childcare module

The Childcare module makes it easier to manage children’s attendance, invoicing parents and issuing receipts for tax purposes.
It also allows for the management of all information related to children’s records and their guardians.

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