Educators in your childcare centre can enter children’s attendance on the Tiempo web application using a mobile device or a computer.

New: If their child is absent, parents can report it to the childcare service directly in Tiempo. The supervisors can then approve the attendance of the children of the groups for which they are responsible.

All the features you need
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Tiempo features for educators

Children’s files

At any time, educators can consult information in children’s and parents’ files (children’s medical records, parents’ contact information, and persons authorized to pick up a child).

List of children

Educators have access to the list of children for the groups under their responsibility. To make attendance procedures easier, they can filter children by group and facility, or by status (present or absent).

Entering attendance and absences

Educators enter children’s attendance on a given day. They note their arrival and departure times (the time is recorded automatically in Tiempo). Times can be adjusted whenever necessary. It is possible to specify the type of absence of a child (absent, sick, on vacation).

Tiempo features for supervisors

Attendance validation

Supervisors can validate attendance information entered for the week, such as times of arrival and departure, late occurrences, and time in excess of ten hours of service.

Errors and corrections

The supervisor can adjust children’s arrival and departure times or add a sign-out time in the event of absence (a warning message will display in such a case).

Attendance approval

After validation, supervisors approve attendance for the children in the groups under their responsibility. This step is optional in Tiempo, but obligatory in ACCEO Childcare Services.

Attendance statistics

Highly advanced statistics will allow you to have better predictability in your employees’ schedules. Whether to obtain information on the number of children present per 15 minutes or on daily trends.

ACCEO Childcare Services features for managers (or software users)

Assign groups

Managers assign educators to the different groups and grant rights to supervisory staff to approve attendance. Managers then activate and synchronize the profiles in Tiempo.

Import attendance

Managers import the children’s attendance information into ACCEO Childcare Services. The imported information can subsequently be modified as needed.

Invoice childcare fees

Managers can invoice the childcare fees. Charges for late fees and extra time can be applied automatically when the software parameters are configured to do so.

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Fees include:

  • Access to Tiempo for educators and managers

  • Data bridge to import children’s attendance information to ACCEO Childcare Services

  • Anytime access to training video

  • Application updates

  • Support for ACCEO Childcare Services users

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