Designed for the Quebec market, ACCEO Childcare Services is an integrated and user-friendly management software designed for early childhood centres (CPEs), private daycare facilities and other childcare centres.

ACCEO Childcare Services is designed to simplify the administrative and accounting tasks associated with running a daycare facility. By considerably reducing the time needed for these tasks, this software helps to ensure significant savings for your organization and allows your staff to concentrate on looking after the children in their care. Whether you are responsible for 50 children or for 1000, ACCEO Childcare Services has all the configurations you need to make your work easier. These are available in both French and English, and can be customized by the user.

Save time and reduce costs with ACCEO Childcare Services’ three integrated modules: Childcare, Finances and Human Resources.  This user-friendly software allows optimal management of a childcare service, and is used by more than 90% of CPEs in Quebec.

Why choose an integrated software to ensure
the management of your childcare centre?
What are the benefits?

  • Keeping a complete record, including photographs, for each child and parent

  • Billing for childcare fees and managing parents’ payments

  • Managing your waiting list

  • Printing your attendance records

  • Calculate and produce tax receipts for parents and employees

  • Producing receipts in XML format for the government

  • Processing payroll and managing salary grades

  • Using a dashboard to manage your administrative tasks

  • Generate hundreds of reports and produce them in the format of your choice: Word, Excel, PDF and HTML

  • Benefiting from high-performance database technology using Microsoft SQL Server

CPE du Centre-Ville

The ACCEO Childcare Services Electronic Signatures tool allows us to save valuable time. At a glance, we can see the status of the signatures of each of the attendance records in the software. It is simple to make corrections to documents and send them back to parents. Another element that we really appreciate is the easy follow-up with parents.


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CPE Les Copains d’Abord de Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville

Since the implementation of the Eco2 option, it is no longer necessary to print our employees’ pay stubs, file them and put them back in envelopes. We therefore save considerable time. Our employees find that receiving documents is simple and secure and, moreover, they can manage their account themselves on the website.

CPE La Gatinerie

We chose ACCEO Childcare Services for its ease of use and because it met all of our management needs. Customer service is very important to us. This is also what motivated our choice of software.

Lise Hagarty

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CPE Le Petit Lutin

The ACCEO Childcare services software is simple and easy to use. It brings together all the essential functionalities for managing a daycare service and it’s wonderful. I can no longer imagine managing a daycare service without this software. I would recommend him to anyone without any hesitation!

Stéphanie Dugas Crousset

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CPE La bottine filante

“The Electronic Signatures tool is truly fabulous. The time saving is substantial for administrative tasks. The ease of use and speed of production and transmission of attendance sheets represent a productivity gain for management. management time for these forms is divided by 10! Also, saving the forms in electronic format is very practical for storage and improves the ecological footprint of the CPE!”


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Daycare Cœur d’Enfant

Eco² allowed me to significantly speed up the process of sending documents in batches. We no longer need to print documents and insert them into envelopes. Everything is done automatically: a few clicks in my software and that’s it.

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Three modules integrated into
the ACCEO Childcare Services software

Our software has all the features necessary to simplify the tasks of a daycare service.
Be more efficient by centralizing your operations using the three integrated modules.

Childcare module

Manage all administrative tasks of a daycare service, file management to billing.

  • Management of children and parents files
  • Billing and collection of childcare fees and other related expenses (outings, lunches, late fees)
  • Print attendance record
  • Production of parents’ tax receipts (RL-24)

Finances module

Perform all operations related to the financial management of your business.

  • Management of supplier files
  • Accounting operations
  • Production of financial statements
  • Budget forecasts

Human resources module

Have all the essential tools for managing your employees and processing your payroll.

  • Calculation and preparation of employee payroll
  • Production of T4, RL-1 and employment records
  • Calculate and pay remittances to the government, unions, and pensions
  • Management of salary scales and hour banks

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